Global dividend investing for all

Dividend Investing is everywhere online. It is inescapable. On Youtube, on Instagram, and around a million blogs. The trouble is that most of the information out there today is mostly from American sources which do not apply to the southern hemisphere, or talk about products, apps and brokerages which are not available to to us.

Den of Dividends is based in Australia and focused on gaining income from investing, generally through dividend-based investing in stock markets. That said, we do also invest in growth stocks, property, government and corporate bonds, cryptocurrencies, and precious metals. We look to invest all around the world in as many regions and markets as we can, using all the tools at our disposal in the new fintech driven world which is opening opportunities while driving down costs and fees in some cases to nothing.

Do you want to see how to get started? Invest, set a budget, pay off debts, and grow your financial wealth. We have an abundance of time-proven, simple ways to get your finances under control. Methods of creating new streams of passive income. The end goal is to reduce your reliance on your day job and pay cheque through both investing and other businesses which can get you out of debt and moving towards financial freedom.